Before the Lesson:

  • Before your lesson you will receive a call or text to check if you, or any one you have been in contact with has had any symptoms of the virus within the last 7 days.  Clients must ensure that they advise their Instructor if there is any possibility that they have the virus or have been exposed to it.
  • Pupils should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, immediately before leaving the house for their lesson.
  • Between every lesson the vehicle will be cleaned in line with Government guidelines.  This will include door handles inside and out, windows and mirror controls, seat adjusters and head restraints, seatbelt and its connection, gear lever, steering wheel, indicator and wiper stalks, car keys and training resources.

During the lesson:

  • Wherever possible payments should be made electronically to reduce cash handling.
  • At the beginning of the lesson the instructor will assess whether you are well enough to commence the lesson before entering the vehicle.  
  • PPE equipment is recommended and pupils can use their own masks and gloves, or they can be provided if required.  All PPE items must be removed by the client when the lesson finishes and disposed of correctly.
  • Although face masks are recommended this does not include face visors.  These are not recommended due to the risk posed from misting or airbag deployment.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at the start and end of every lesson and is available at all times.
  • Windows will be down as much as possible during the lesson to allow for ventilation which may reduce the normal temperature in the car.  Clients may choose to wear additional clothing if required
  • The use of air conditioning will be avoided where possible.
  • Contact will be minimised for safety and this will include the sharing of any Visual aids.  Any training resources will be held up and not passed between Instructor and client.  
  • Any writing will be done by the ADI. Pens or other devices will not be shared, but if it is required, then they will be cleaned with anti-bac wipes before and afterwards.
  • If during the lesson the Instructor has to touch the controls for demonstration or safety reasons then the car must be pulled up at the earliest convenience and the controls must be wiped down.  Hand sanitiser will then be used again.
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