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Learning to Drive – Course Outline

The below outline is a guide for learners, so they know what to expect from their lessons.  Each lesson is planned to ensure that pupils cover the full syllabus set by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and that they reach the skills level required to take and pass the Practical Driving test:

      • Cockpit drill
      • Vehicle safety checks
      • Car controls and instruments
      • Moving Away and stopping
      • Safe road positioning
      • Use of car mirrors
      • Signalling
      • Anticipation and planning
      • Use of speed
      • Other traffic 
      • Junctions 
      • Roundabouts 
      • Pedestrian crossings
      • Dual carriageways/Motorways
      • Manoeuvres
      • Emergency stop
      • Adapting to road conditions
      • The Highway Code
      • Sat Nav use 
      • Show Me, Tell Me
      • Independent Driving
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